With our vision to become a regional vocational training service provider,  EPC organises its activities into four main clusters.

With directions provided by our advisers and board of directors, our core management team focuses their expertise to ensure that all four clusters achieve its individual goals in order to ensure EPC continues to become a leading regional vocational training provider.

1. TVET Consulting Services

  • Skills Training Framework Development
  • Training Need Analysis
  • Competency and Occupational Standards Development
  • Skill Curriculum Development
  • Assessment and Evaluation Development
  • Publication and Learning Resources Development

2. Trainer and Instructor Capacity Building

  • Vocational Training and Management
  • Company Coaching and Training
  • Social Skills in Vocational Training
  • Accreditation of Prior Achievements
  • Trainer Skills Upgrade Programmes

3. Professional Skills Training

  • Tourism and Travel
  • Green Skills
  • Training and Education Services
  • Care and Community Services

 4. Job Placement and Apprenticeship

  • Train and Place
  • Professional Certification
  • National Dual Training System
  • Care and Community Services
  • Graduate Employability and Tracking