Job Placement


Facilitating graduate mobility and job matching is important because none of the efforts of training and learning matter if graduates can’t find jobs that match their skills.

To address this challenge of and to make it easier for graduate to find jobs that match their skills and qualifications, EPC puts a lot of efforts to establish close relationships with industry players and related association.

Train and Place

The train and place programme are short, intensive programmes designed to equip graduates from other institutions to be up-skilled before being placed into selected companies. EPC has collaboration with a number of partners providing up-skilling programmes in various disciplines.

Professional Certifications

In collaboration with industrial and professional partners, EPC offers professional certifications for working adults and those wishing to be re-skilled to change to another profession.

Graduate Employability and Tracking

Graduate employability and tracking programme is a service provided by EPC to ensure that every graduate gain employment in workplaces that suit their skills. Tracking their career progress also helps EPC to constantly improve its programme offering to ensure future graduates meets the needs of industry.