About Us

To build a strong and vibrant community of the future we must have a skilled, effective workforce and this can only be achieved through a quality training system.

Empire Putra College (EPC) is Malaysia’s premier provider of vocational consultation and training, providing alternative “demand-led” career development pathway parallel to academic-based qualifications.

EPC and its dynamic group of associate vocational colleges are meeting the challenge to train students for a diverse economy, continuing its excellence in training whilst embracing training new and emerging technologies. Recognised for its flexible, progressive and innovative approach to standards development, teaching and learning, it has unique arrangements with industry to ensure quality, relevance and recognition of our programmes.


To be a leading regional vocational training service provider focused on developing and delivering the highest quality  skills training in niche and emerging industry sectors.


To collaborate with stakeholders and industry players in providing specialised skills and vocational  opportunities of the highest standards in a positive environment that promotes excellence, discipline, creativity, responsibility and a spirit of inquiry.


  • Create a learning environment which integrates knowledge real life working condition
  • Develop relevant skills training which requires students to master not only skills and but social values
  • Offer vocational and apprenticeship programmes leading to marketable job skills and competencies needed to thrive in a dynamic global economy
  • Offer curriculum and programme development consultancy and services particularly in vocational and apprenticeship type training.